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Hazardous Chemicals Management for Warehouse Personnel


This short course is a general overview of the United Nations and the Australian Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) requirements relating to the globally harmonized system for the classification and labelling of chemicals (GHS).

What You Obtain

The course allows anyone working with hazardous chemicals in the workplace to better understand the use of Safety Data Sheets and to interpret the labeling used when storing and using hazardous chemicals in the workplace, but it is especially suited to staff using, storing or handling hazardous chemicals, including dangerous goods in their workplace.

A certificate is issued on successful completion of an end-of-course questionnaire and the qualification only needs to be done once.
Courses stay active for 2 years and must be completed within this time frame. Refunds will not be given.


This contains information on;

  • An overview of the GHS system;

  • An overview of labeling and pictograms for workplace chemicals;

  • Use of Safety Data Sheets;

  • Basic storage and handling requirements for the workplace;

  • Segregation of hazardous and dangerous chemicals.

  • You can enter and leave the course as many times as you like without losing what you have done. You will also have access to the course content until you require re certification.

  • Courses should be started and completed within a three month period of initial registration to ensure validity.

Course Qualification and Recognition

This course is based on the:

  • The Australian Code of practice for labeling workplace chemicals under section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act (WHS Act); and.

  • The United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) Seventh Revised Edition, 2017.

Who Should Attend?

If you are involved with the use, handling, storage or ordering of workplace hazardous chemicals, then this course is for you.
It’s also ideal for freight forwarders and consolidators involved with moving hazardous and dangerous goods as an overview of the difference between the two risk terms.


Level of Competency

No previous knowledge or experience with storage or handling of hazardous chemicals is required to complete the course.
Reasonable english and computer skills is recommended.

Course Fee

  • Online Training – AUD $180.00 + GST $18.00 = $198.00 Total

  • Scheduled Classroom Training – AUD $200.00 + GST $20.00 = $220.00 Total

  • Virtual Classroom Training – AUD $200.00 + GST $20.00 = $220.00 Total

  • Unscheduled Classroom / Onsite Training- Contact AIRSAFE Transport Training for a quote

Payment is required in advance by credit card, EFT or cheque.
We accept Mastercard and Visa.


  • Online training - 3 hours approx.

  • Classroom training  - One day course, 8 hours approx.


We can schedule Virtual courses or classroom courses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney at request, but we’ll go (almost) anywhere. (Dependent on number of participants and availability)


To enroll onto one of our scheduled classroom courses, open the "CHECK FOR COURSE DATES" and if a course is not available in your area or time frame then email us by clicking the "CONTACT AIRSAFE" button.


By registering and logging in to this course you confirm that you are the person who will read and complete the course modules and be responsible for individually completing and submitting the end of course questionnaire.


You also acknowledge that you understand it is an offence to falsify or misrepresent the information provided by you and that you have a duty of care when dealing with dangerous goods and that failure to comply with the relevant regulations surrounding the sending of dangerous goods may result in legal penalties.



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