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Understanding Safety Data Sheets


This is a quick short course on what is involved when reading safety data sheets (SDS).

It doesn't tell you how to create or write a safety data sheet but it does go through the components that make up a SDS and the applicability of a SDS.

Great for people who are asked to get a SDS and read it even though they are not chemists or chemical professionals.

Courses stay active for 2 years and must be completed within this time frame. Refunds will not be given after the course in no longer active.

What You Obtain

This course will help you understand the components of a safety data sheet (SDS), identify the 16 sections required for a SDS and address what the GHS system relates to in regards to a SDS.

It is a short overview of the SDS requirements in regards to applicability (Do I really need a SDS?), legality and content.


  • Background

  • When is a SDS required

  • How long is a SDS valid

  • What is GHS (Globally harmonized system for the classification and labelling of hazardous chemicals)

  • What is required in the 16 Sections of a SDS

Courses remain active for 2 years and therefore should be completed within this time frame.  You can come and go from the course as much as you want without losing any progress, but the end of course assessment must be done in one sitting.

Course Qualification and Recognition

There is no course approval requirement from any competent authority for this short course.


However to show that you have done the course and understood the material, we ask you to complete a short end of course assessment so we can provide you a certification of completion.

Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for people involved with transporting dangerous goods who are asked to obtain a SDS.  People handling and using hazardous workplace chemicals and those who just want to know what a SDS is all about.

Level of Competency

No previous knowledge or experience is required to complete the course.  A basic level of English and computer skills is needed.

System Information

  • Platform: The course is designed for lap top or desk top computers although content can also be viewed on ipads, iphones and other mobile devices, however functionality may be reduced. To view content on an android device or ipad the Free Articulate app needs to be downloaded onto your device.  Follow the prompts from your device.

  • Course Progress: Each module must be completed before the final assessment is made available. Participants can enter and leave the course content as many times as they like and the course progress will be tracked, highlighting the last module completed when logging back in. 

  • The final assessment must be done in one sitting.  If the assessment is closed a new assessment will be generated and all previous questions will be replaced.

Course Fee

  • Online Training – AUD $50.00 + GST $5.00 = $55.00 Total

  • Virtual Classroom Training – AUD $100.00 + GST $10.00 = $110.00 Total

Payment is required in advance by credit card, EFT or cheque.
We accept Mastercard and Visa.


  • Online training  (3 hours approx.)


We can schedule Virtual courses or classroom courses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney at request, but we’ll go (almost) anywhere. (Dependent on number of participants and availability)


To request a classroom course, email us by clicking the "CONTACT AIRSAFE". To see our other course dates open the pdf below.


By registering and logging in to this course you confirm that you are the person who will read and complete the course modules and be responsible for individually completing and submitting the end of course questionnaire.

You also acknowledge that you understand it is an offence to falsify or misrepresent the information provided by you and that you have a duty of care when dealing with dangerous goods and that failure to comply with the relevant regulations surrounding the sending of dangerous goods may result in legal penalties.


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