Zoom busting security concerns

Updated: Mar 29

Everyone knows that 6 months is a lifetime in technology. So how is it that people still think that a security issue with Zoom meetings 5 months ago hasn’t been fixed?

  1. Do you know what the original security issue was? Well, with COVID-19 lockdowns, an extra 2.2 million new users were signing up to Zoom each month. By February 2020, 12.92 million people were conferencing via Zoom and, very basically, many people held meetings that could be entered without a password. Now you might think, that seems a bit weird, and you’re right. It is. Even your social media accounts require password access. Am I right?

  2. So Zoom undertook immediate action and fixed the initial problem within days (by requiring passwords to access meetings). They have also been open and honest about additional security concerns detected and embraced with ongoing major security reforms.

  3. Now Zoom is better and safer than ever. The proactive approach taken by Zoom has resulted in mandatory passwords to join meetings, AES 256 GCM encryption and a whole bunch of extra security options. Zoom also allows participants to join from a browser rather than installing software.

  4. When you join an AIRSAFE virtual class you will require a meeting ID and password. You will enter a waiting room whilst your ID is authenticated. Once all participants are admitted then the session is locked. This ensures that no one is admitted without permission from the AIRSAFE team. There is no file sharing or participant screen sharing through Zoom.

To see the AIRSAFE measures to ensure Virtual Classroom security:


For further security info about Zoom check out the following links:



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