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Lithium Battery Labels

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Need the current labels for Lithium Ion and Lithium Metal Batteries. Then you need look no further. They are available for download on the AIRSAFE website under the Labels and Downloads section.

The term “Lithium Battery” refers to 2 types of lithium batteries:

1. Lithium Metal Batteries, (UN3090,UN3091) which are non-rechargeable batteries that have lithium metal compound as an anode. Lithium Metal Batteries are generally used to power devices such as watches, calculators and defibrillators. These batteries, when packed by themselves, are forbidden for transport as cargo on passenger aircraft.

2. Lithium-Ion Batteries, (UN3480, UN3481) are rechargeable and are widely used to power such devices as mobile phones, laptops, tablets and power tools. When shipped by themselves, these batteries are also forbidden for transport as cargo on passenger aircraft.

The new Lithium Ion Battery shipping mark has a border of red diagonal hatchings. The new symbol on the mark consists of a group of batteries, one damaged and emitting flame above the UN number for Lithium Ion or Lithium Metal batteries or cells.

As of 1st of January 2019 the old “Lithium Battery handling label” can no longer be used.

Class 9 Lithium Ion Battery shipping labels with the Lithium Ion Battery are also mandatory as of January 1, 2019. While the “Generic” Class 9 label will continue to be used for miscellaneous hazards, they are not allowed to be used for lithium batteries.

Currently there are Labels for Lithium Ion UN3480 and UN3481(for Batteries contained in or packed with equipment), as well as Lithium Metal UN3090 and UN3091(for Batteries contained in or packed with equipment) ready for review or download.

Each sheet also contains the Lithium Battery Multimodal Hazard Labels.

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