IMDG2020 Code release date delayed!

Updated: Mar 29

Guess what?

This blog is not about Covid!

Hahahaha - Only joking, of course it is!

Now I know that everyone gets as excited as we do when there’s a new release of DG transport Regulations, but…. The Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) meeting that approves the Resolution amending the IMDG, which results in the issue of a new Code, was delayed from April 2020 to November 2020 due to… you guessed it…. Covid-19.

So the IMDG going to print has been delayed and IMDG2020 will now go to print some time in 2021 (so it may actually be called IMDG2021???? Go figure???) IMO procedures require 18 months between the Resolution being approved before the Code can become mandatory.

Therefore the IMO have delayed the mandatory implementation of the new IMDG Code until May 2022.

So will the new Code be called IMDG2020, or IMDG 2021, and when will it be available?? Well your guess is as good as mine.

But the good news is that your existing IMDG 2018, and consequently your current DG qualification, is now valid until at least the end of April 2022.

Is everyone thoroughly confused?🤔 I know I am!

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