Airsafe unboxes comfort for your training

Updated: Mar 29

Everyone loves unboxing new stuff (there are even youtube channels devoted to it). Especially when the unboxing is of four, very cool, new Vari standing desks for Airsafe guests to enjoy in our training room.

You can see that Mischa was particularly excited about the arrival and impressed with the quality (and taste) of the packaging.

We understand that, particularly if you back problems, sitting for long periods can be uncomfortable. And pain is distracting. That’s why we’ve invested in standing desks which will allow you to change the height of your desk from seated, to standing, and back again (to give your pins a rest). This will help you concentrate on your course and our fascinating instructors 😉.

So now you’ll be able to reserve a standing desk when you book your next course at our Belmont training facility. But numbers are limited so give us as much notice as possible.

Stay safe and healthy

From the Airsafe team

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