AIRSAFE is an Australian owned and operated training organization, established in 1990. We provide training in transporting dangerous goods by air, sea and road, Aviation Security for Regulated Agents, Load Distribution and Restraint for Air and other customized courses in Australian and overseas.

When you deal with Airsafe your booking will be confirmed or questions answered by our helpful, friendly staff.
We have many years industry experience and contacts in aviation, exporting and resources.

Is Airsafe an RTO?
No, Airsafe has elected not to be an RTO as the RTO system is designed for large schools delivering certificate level training for career development.  Airsafe provides industry approved, recognised short courses which are job specific.  All of Airsafe’s courses are presented in a professional, informative way and the certification issued can be used by individuals to obtain unit accreditation for their certificate level training.  We pride ourselves on having the reputation of providing the highest of standards in relation to our training and customer service.

Airsafe and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia (CASA)
All Airsafe Dangerous Goods by Air courses, including Transporting of Infectious Substances by Air, Transporting Dry Ice by Air and Transporting Flammable Liquids by Air, are approved by CASA and comply with the IATA Dangerous Goods requirements. We are in regular contact with CASA and work closely together to further the common goals of safety and best practice in our field of aviation.
DG by Air – Refresher, Awareness and Transporting Infectious Substances are available online.

Approvals for these courses are found in the link below.

Airsafe also offers: Advanced Cargo – Load Distribution and Restraint, reviewed and recognized by IATA Agency Services in Sydney, Australia.

Airsafe and AMSA
Airsafe’s dangerous goods by sea courses have been approved by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).  We currently offer DG by Sea – Full Accept, DG by Sea – Full Accept Refresher and DG by Sea – CTU Pack both in the classroom and online.
Approvals for these courses are found in the link below.

Airsafe and DG by Road
Airsafe does not offer Bulk DG drivers licenses, but we understand that before it gets to the driver someone must classify, pack, mark, label and document the DG’s, and not everything is in bulk.  So we offer a short course to assist shippers and freight companies with these tasks.  There is no formal approval system for this type of training, so no approvals are available, and these disciplines are not covered by Registered Training Organisations (RTO) Training Learning Outcomes (TLO’s) so there are no units of competency, but an RTO can use the Airsafe course to award Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

Access Airsafe Policies and Approvals

 To view Airsafe Policies and Competent Authority approvals click here