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Dangerous Goods and Air Travel:

Most dangerous goods can be transported safely by air provided that they are properly identified, packed, marked, labelled and documented. However many passengers are unaware what is considered a dangerous good and what are their allowances.  Click the help guide link below for more information.

Lithium Battery allowances for Air and Sea Cargo:
Lithium batteries when shipped as air or sea cargo have a lot of restrictions.  Click the help guide link below for a simple interpretation of the regulations to help you to declare your lithium batteries properly. (See industry links below for further information about Lithium Batteries by Air)

Incompatible dangerous goods by sea segregation chart:
Many items should not be loaded together because they react dangerously with each other.  we have provided an interactive table to try to assist with correct loading.

Infectious Substances by Air classification help guide:
Is your specimen a Category A, Infectious Substance; a Category B, Biological Substance; or an Exempt Human or Animal Specimen?  This help guide tries to help you decide what you have for correct classification and transport.




AIRSAFE NEWSLETTER Volume 1 November 2015

AIRSAFE NEWSLETTER Volume 2 August 2016


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