Do you do unscheduled courses?

Yes we can provide unscheduled training on request.
This is usually dependent on trainer availability, participant numbers and location.
The requesting company usually picks up airfare and excess baggage, accommodation, transfers and training facility costs (if applicable) and then pays either a negotiated flat charge or day rate.

Email requests to admin@airsafe.com.au stating course type, approximate participant numbers, location, and urgency so we can provide an estimate plus available dates for the training.

Is Airsafe an RTO?

No, Airsafe has elected not to be an RTO as the RTO system is designed for large schools delivering certificate level training for career development.  Airsafe provides industry approved, recognised short courses which are job specific.  All of Airsafe’s courses are presented in a professional, informative way and the certification issued can be used by individuals to obtain unit accreditation for their certificate level training.  We pride ourselves on having the reputation of providing the highest of standards in relation to our training and customer service.

Can we call you for help after the training and how much does it cost?

We are more than happy to assist in anyway we can with your training and operational queries after the course.  It doesn’t cost a thing, but because of that we are not available 24/7.  We will endeavour to get back to you ASAP however with an answer.

Do you sell the DG Regulations?

Yes we do to our customers, but we are not a distributor.  We source the DG regulations from the cheapest outlet we can find and supply at cost + postage.
For companies who can only use an approved provider this is ideal, or we can direct you to the outlet to purchase by credit card yourself.  This is not a revenue maker for us.

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