Training – IATA approved or not? Does it matter?

We are asked constantly – “are you IATA approved” People do not realize it is not who trains you that matters, its that you meet the standards as required by the airline when you submit your air freight. Therefore whatever training you receive should cover what these requirements are. Some points of interest: IATA are […]

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Rimowa - e=Tag

Rimowa – e-Tag luggage

I was fortunate to attend the Australian Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council (ADGATC) meeting in Melbourne last week and the guest speaker was Jens Walter from Rimowa. Rimowa make very cool cases for the regular air traveler to which you can download an electronic baggage tag. The way the case works: Once you’ve downloaded the […]

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AU Number on Master Air Waybills – No more

Latest news on this issue: IATA have advised that AU numbers on Air Waybills have not been compulsory since 01/01/2018 and from 01/07/2018 will be removed from use completely. So there is no need to register with them.

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Safety Data Sheets

Popular questions and misconceptions. Following is some information that seems to cause no end of confusion.  Hopefully we can help clear up some of the myths about Safety Data Sheets. 1. With the introduction of GHS classification and labelling of workplace chemicals in 2009 we saw Safety Data Sheets (SDS) replace Material Safety Data Sheets […]

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Australian Dangerous Goods Air Transport Council (ADGATC)

Industry forum for Dangerous Goods Air Transport issues. Latest meeting: Brisbane 20 June 2017 Next meeting: Brisbane 24 July 2018 ADGATC is a forum for Airlines, Regulators, Industry Groups and Training Professionals to discuss current events and concerns.  Discussions center around the latest changes to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation […]

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Lithium Batteries by Air Videos

Following is a series of videos released by the Australian and English Aviation Authorities to try and assist people understand the danger with carrying Lithium Batteries in baggage and what their allowances are. CASA Safety Video – Travelling safely with lithium batteries The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has produced this short educational video to […]

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IATA Addendum

Changes and amendments to the International Air Transport Associations (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations 58th Edition are published in addendum’s. The latest addendum has been released by IATA. For a copy of the IATA Addendum dated 01 July 2017 please click here.

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